A Royal Decree on State's General Budget 5 Riyadh

Tuesday 1440/4/11 - 2018/12/18
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Fourteenth: The Minister of Finance shall issue the following:
1-  Necessary decisions and instructions for implementing this budget in line with the prescribed rules in this Decree and Royal orders in addition to the relevant regulations, organizations, decisions, and instructions.
2- Identifying the parties to which the provisions of this decree are not applicable to or some of them.
Fifteenth: Applying legal procedures against those who violate the provisions, procedures, and arrangements prescribed in this decree, royal orders and decrees as well as regulations, decisions, and instructions thereon.
Sixteenth: The Vice President of the Council of Ministers, ministers and the heads of bodies with independent budgets and attached to the State's General Budget are obliged to carry out this decree.
King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
23:30 LOCAL TIME 20:30 GMT