Joint Forces Command of Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen: Targeting and Destroying An Iran-Backed Terrorist Houthi Militia Integrated Network For UAV Capabilities and its Logistical Facilities

Sunday 1440/5/14 - 2019/01/20
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Riyadh,19 January,2019 , SPA -- Colonel Turki Al-Malki, the Official Spokesman of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen stated: “The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition conducted on Saturday at (2245) an advanced targeting operation to destroy multiple legitimate military targets that comprise of UAV capabilities in (7) military support facilities throughout Sana’a.”

Colonel Al-Malki explained that the targeting operation followed a precision intelligence operation conducted over a long period of time, which covered monitoring and surveillance of Houthi militia activities, its terrorist militants’ movements in regards to this network to gain further knowledge of the system components and infrastructure operational and logistical connection,  the communication system, and whereabouts of foreign experts.

He indicated that the destroyed targets include: UAV storage facilities, manufacturing and spare parts workshops, installation and bomb-equipping workshops, testing and launch-pad preparation locations and terrorist-activity training facilities.

The Official Spokesman affirmed that the targeting operation adheres to the Customary International Humanitarian Law, and that the Joint Forces Command of the Coalition has undertaken all preventative action and necessary measures to protect civilians and avoid collateral damage among them.

Colonel Al-Malki concluded his statement by reaffirming the commitment of the Joint Forces Command of the Coalition to implement the Customary International Humanitarian Law in all military operations, as well as commitment to prevent the terrorist Houthi militia and other terrorist organizations’ use and access to such advanced capabilities that pose a threat to regional and international security.


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