Saudi-led Coalition Denies Supplying Houthis, AQAP With U.S Weapons in Yemen

Saturday 1440/6/4 - 2019/02/09
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Riyadh, February 09, 2019, SPA -- The Coalition to restore legitimacy in Yemen has viewed with concern media reports alleging the transfer of US military weapons to the Iranian backed Houthi militia and AQAP in Yemen. Coalition spokesman Colonel Turki Al-Malki strongly denied those claims, and stressed the Coalition countries’ commitment to confront and defeat the illegal Houthi takeover of Yemen, in addition to decisively confronting other terrorist groups, such as ISIS And AQAP, rendering the idea of supplying weapons to these groups illogical.
Colonel Al-Malki said that what was shown in media reports were military vehicles that were damaged and were evacuated. (155) vehicles have been evacuated, and the other (55) are being prepared for evacuation out of Yemen, stressing that the Coalition takes seriously any claims of any other party obtaining any weapons of any kind.
The Coalition has cooperated with allies and partners in identifying and targeting a number of lethal AQAP terrorists, and Coalition countries have cleared AQAP from a number of cities they controlled due to the power vacuum created by the Houthi coup. As a result of those and other successful operations with the United States support, AQAP no longer holds any territory in Yemen. The Coalition remains committed to vigorously countering AQAP and will continue to work with international partners in this regard.
The Coalition under the leadership of the Kingdom confirms its support and dedication to relief efforts to the brotherly Yemeni people, and reiterates its support for the Stockholm agreement and the UN sponsored peace process, led by Mr. Martin Griffiths, in accordance with UNSC resolutions, the GCC Initiative, and outcomes of the Yemeni national dialogue.
17:12 LOCAL TIME 14:12 GMT