Bahrain deplores US recognition of Syrian Golan as Israeli territory

Tuesday 1440/7/19 - 2019/03/26
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Manama, March 26, 2019, SPA -- Bahrain on Tuesday expressed its regret over the United States' recognition of the Syrian Golan Heights as an Israeli territory in a move that disrupts all efforts aimed at achieving a lasting peace in the Middle East, Bahrain News Agency (BNA) reported.
A statement by Bahrain’s Foreign Ministry said, "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom affirms its unequivocal position in recognizing the Golan Heights as Syrian Arab territory occupied by Israel in June 1967 as stated by the resolutions of the UN Security Council."
The ministry stressed the need to respect the resolutions of international legitimacy and called for concerted efforts to end Israel's occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights and to withdraw from the Arab territories it occupied in 1967 to bring about comprehensive, just and lasting peace to the region.
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