Yemeni Official: The Houthi Militias Rejection and Intransigence of Stockholm Agreement Reduces the Chances of Peace

Saturday 1440/8/15 - 2019/04/20
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Rome, April 20, 2019, SPA -- Yemen's Ambassador to Italy Asmahan Al-Touki said that the rejection and intransigence of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia on the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement reduces the chances of peace, and intensifies the suffering of the population.
This came during a panel discussion on Yemen which was attended by a number of writers, journalists, media and interested in the Yemeni issue.
Al-Touki called on international community to join efforts to end this intransigence and contribute to the progress of confidence-building measures and the promotion of the peace process in light of the Yemeni government's positive efforts to implement the Stockholm Agreement.
14:34 LOCAL TIME 11:34 GMT