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Saturday 1440/8/29 - 2019/05/04
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Riyadh, , 29 Sha'ban, 1440,May 04, 2019, SPA -- Saudi newspapers highlighted in their editorials today a number of issues at local, regional and international arenas
Al-Youm newspapers in its editorial entitled (Qatar and playing with adults) wrote: Qatar, which appears to be suffering politically from a complex of size and space, has continued to play with adults, by appearing in some positions that it prefers to be calculated and balanced, and that it can play a coup in the balance of international politics.
The latest folly of Qatar is what was issued after the American decision to stop the exceptions for some countries that buy Iranian oil, where Qatar announced that it is against this decision, which was not taken by Britain, France or Germany, but not even by some of the countries affected by the resolution such as India and Korea.
Al-Youm concluded: Qatar is trying with such an anomaly, in which the mullahs are content to convince itself that it is capable of playing with adults, and to say NO even to America.
Okaz newspaper wrote in its editorial about Muslim Brotherhood where it said: Some ask why we should expose the Muslim Brotherhood and its methods and plans. Why stand against its approach? Why do many countries classify it as a serious terrorist group? Why are they supported by countries such as Turkey and Qatar? All these questions do not require much effort to answer them. A quick look at the history of this bloody group reveals the toxicity of these "gangs" based on atonement, beating governments, shaking the stability of peoples and trying to destabilize their own nation.
This group, which is clearly and openly rejected by Saudi Arabia, is still living in the hands of the Turkish regime and the blessing of the terrorist organization Hamadeen to build projects and dreams in the region at the expense of the security and stability of the people.
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