Arab Parliament Speaker: Three Summits in Makkah to be Held to Unify Islamic and Arab Stance

Tuesday 1440/9/23 - 2019/05/28
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Cairo, May 28, 2019, SPA -- Speaker of the Arab Parliament Dr. Mishal bin Fahm Al-Salami said that the invitation of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to hold the GCC, Arab and Islamic summits in Makkah, came at a crucial time in the history of the Arab nation in light of the serious challenges and dangers facing the Arab and Islamic world.
Al-Salami said in a statement today that the GCC, Arab and Islamic summits are great opportunity to unify the Arab and Islamic stance to protect the national security of the Arab and Islamic countries, confront the challenges and preserve their sovereignty and the safety of their peoples, expressing his high appreciation for the leading and pivotal role played by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its keenness to protect the Arab and Islamic national security.
He condemned terrorist actions affected the stability of the global economy using two unmanned drones on two oil pumping stations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and attacking four commercial vessels near UAE territorial waters.
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