GCC Extraordinary Summit Issues Final Communique 3 Makkah

Friday 1440/9/26 - 2019/05/31
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6- The GCC Supreme Council emphasizes the stances of the Supreme Council and its firm decisions on relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, affirming the need for Iran to abide by the basic principles based on the Charter of the United Nations and the international laws, principles of good neighborliness, respect for the sovereignty of States, non-interference in internal affairs and non-use of force or threat. The GCC Supreme Council also affirms that Iran must stop supporting, financing and arming terrorist militias and organizations as well as feeding sectarian conflicts, calling upon the Iranian regime to prevail wisdom, keep away from hostilities and destabilizing security and stability. The Council calls upon the international community to shoulder its responsibility to maintain international peace and security, take a firm action against the Iranian regime as well as more effective and serious steps to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear capability and put more stringent restrictions on Iran's ballistic missile program.
7- The GCC Supreme Council affirms the need that Iran spares the region the dangers of war by abiding by the international laws and conventions, stop interference in the internal affairs of the countries of the region, and stop supporting terrorist groups and militias and threatening the security of maritime navigation.
8- The GCC Supreme Council lauds the level of coordination and consultation with the United States of America and consolidating the US-GCC joint cooperation within the framework of the existing strategic partnership between the GCC and the United States of America and the bilateral agreements between the GCC States and the United States of America in order to achieve security and stability in the region. The Council reiterates its support for the USA's strategy towards Iran, including Iran nuclear program, ballistic missile program, Iran's activities to destabilize the region, its support for terrorism, and combating the hostile activities of Hezbollah, the Revolutionary Guards, Houthi and other terrorist organizations. The GCC Supreme Council lauds the actions taken by the United States of America to confront Iran.
9- The GCC Supreme Council affirms the GCC keenness to maintain stability, security and peace in the region, the growth of the world economy and the stability of oil markets. The Council denounces the Iranian threats to the freedom of maritime navigation and oil supplies, calling upon on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities in securing the freedom of maritime navigation, in light of these threats and attacks against the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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