Organization of Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross: Targeting Abha International Airport is a war crime.

Thursday 1440/10/10 - 2019/06/13
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Riyadh, June 13, 2019, SPA -- The Organization of Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross has condemned the disgraceful attack on the arrival hall at Abha International Airport, where thousands of civilian passengers pass through daily, injuring 26 civilians of different nationalities, including two Saudi children and three Saudi, Yemeni and Indian women, in addition to damaging the airport hall.
The Organization stressed that this attack is a war crime, pointing out that the targeting of civilian facilities is a danger that threatens the lives of civilians, which is guaranteed by international laws.
In its statement, the Organization also expressed its concern about the increasing targeting of airports, institutions and vital facilities by ballistic missiles and drones in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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