Naval Forces of Coalition to Support Restoring Legitimacy, in Yemen, Thwart Terrorist Attempt by Houthi Militia, targeting a Commercial Ship, in the South of Red Sea

Monday 1440/11/5 - 2019/07/08
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Riyadh, July 08, 2019, SPA -- Colonel Turki Al-Malki, the official spokesman for the Coalition Forces "Coalition to Support Restoring Legitimacy in Yemen", stated that early today, the Naval Forces of the Coalition managed to thwart a terrorist attempt by the Houthi militia targeting a commercial ship, in the southern waters of the Red Sea, using an unmanned booby-trapped Blue Fish boat.
Al-Maliki said that the coalition forces spotted the unmanned boat while it was moving, then intercepted and destroyed it, stressing that threating the international navigation and trade by the Iran-backed Houthi militia is considered a serious terrorist act and reaffirming that the coalition forces will keep neutralizing all hostile terrorist capabilities of the Houthi militia.
18:41 LOCAL TIME 15:41 GMT