A New Medical and Scientific Achievement to Serve Ophthalmology in KSA and the World

Tuesday 1440/11/20 - 2019/07/23
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Riyadh, July 23, 2019, SPA -- A group of Saudi and Arab specialists including Ophthalmology Consultant at Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Dr. Abdulmalik Al-Qahtani wrote one of the important references in ophthalmology entitled ''Extemporaneous Ophthalmic Preparations'',from the international Springer publishing house.
The book covers 48 different types of drug preparations in various forms of drops and injections.
It also covers all topics of bacterial, fungal and viral infections, as well as drugs being used to treat diabetic retinopathy and eye neoplasms.
For his part, Dr. Al-Qahtani said that the importance of this book lies in being the first unified and documented reference explaining the method of preparation and indications of ophthalmic drugs that are not manufactured and not available in pharmacies, which are often needed by ophthalmologists and pharmacists in clinical practice.
He also pointed out that this book is expected to be an important reference in this field to many ophthalmology departments and pharmacies in hospitals and medical centers in the world and will be the basis for many research and studies.
On this occasion, the Saudi Ophthalmological Society extended its congratulations to Dr. Abdulmalik Al-Qahtani and his colleagues who participated in a new medical and scientific achievement to serve ophthalmology in the Kingdom and around the world.
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