Iran-backed Houthi terrorist militia launched a ballistic missile from Hijja Province in Yemen using a civilian property before it falls inside the province

Thursday 1440/12/7 - 2019/08/08
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Riyadh, Aug. 8, 2019, SPA -- The Official Spokesman of the Joint Forces Command of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen Col. Turki Al-Malki stated that Iran-backed Houthi Terrorist Militia has launched last night a ballistic missile from Hijja Province in Yemen using Al-Roboo'a (Wednesday) market, a civilian property, as a launching platform before it falls inside the province.
In a statement, Col. Al-Malki said that such arbitrary attempts come as a continuation of the previous operations using civilian properties which are protected by the humanitarian international law and norms, whereas the terrorist militia has launched a ballistic missile on 20 June 2019 from inside the premises of Al-Iman university in Sanaa before the fall of the missile in Al-Joaf province of Yemen, and exactly, among civilian properties and residential complexes, an event immediately monitored and discovered by several advanced systems belonging to a number of parties interested in the Yemeni affairs and in the threat posed by this militia to the regional and international security.
Col. Al-Malki confirmed that the terrorist Houthi militia is continuing to violate the humanitarian international law and norms using civilian properties as platforms before the arbitral falling of such projectiles on innocent civilians as well as residential complexes.
He also stated that the Command of the Coalition is continuing to take the firm and deterrent measures to neutralize and dismantle these capabilities.
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