Saudi Arabia follows up latest developments in Aden, stresses any attempt to destabilize Yemen is a threat to its security and stability

Thursday 1441/1/6 - 2019/09/05
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Riyadh, Sep 5, 2019, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia follows up the latest developments and events in Aden and Yemen's southern governorates, as it expresses its complete rejection of the recent escalation and the course of events their consequences, and the failure to respond to its previous call to cease the escalation and move towards dialogue.
The Kingdom affirms the contents of its previous statements issued since the beginning of the crisis and the need to restore the camps and headquarters of the military and civilian institutions of the legitimate government, and that the conflicting parties with the legitimate government have to swiftly take part in Jeddah dialogue in the Kingdom (immediately) and without delay.
The Kingdom also regrets the outbreak of this disorder among the brothers in Yemen, and stresses the need for full, immediate and unconditional commitment to disengage and ceasefire, and any violations or practices affecting the lives of the brotherly Yemeni people, and won't accept any military escalation or open side battles that benefit only the Iranian-backed Al-Houthi terrorist militia and the other organizations such as (Daesh and Al Qaeda).
The Kingdom stresses that any attempt to destabilize Yemen is a threat to its security and stability and the region, and will not hesitate to deal with it firmly.
It also affirms its firm position that there is no alternative to the legitimate government in Yemen and that it does not accept any attempts to create a new reality in Yemen by using force or the threat of force.
The Kingdom also declares its readiness to extend a helping hand to those affected by this disorder and contribute to the treatment of the injured to alleviate their suffering based on its historical role towards the brotherly Yemeni people.
The Kingdom also asserts its ongoing support for the Yemeni legitimacy under the leadership of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi and his government and its efforts to preserve the interests of Yemeni state and the interests, security and stability, unity and territorial integrity of the people of Yemen, and to counter the coup of Al-Houthi terrorist militia and combat other terrorist organizations.
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