Humanitarian Measures and Efforts Undertaken by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia During Qatari Crisis 5 Riyadh

Saturday 1441/1/8 - 2019/09/07
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Fourth: Statistics of the numbers of pilgrims and Umrah performers for the last seasons:
The number of pilgrims coming from Qatar in 1438 AH, is (1642) pilgrims and the number of Umrah performers is (1005).
- The number of pilgrims coming from Qatar in 1439 is (365) and the number of Umrah performer is (134).
- The number of the Umrah performers in 1440 AH is (125).
On the freedom of movement of Qatari people:
Entry of Qatari nationals from 10/9 / 1438H to 3/9 / 1440H. The following official data show that:
- The number of Qataris entered the Kingdom reached (82462), (50324) males and (32138) females and the remaining number of them in the Kingdom is (3664).
The Human Rights Commission has also received 16 complaints in this regard until the preparation of this report. The Commission has taken the necessary measures in accordance with the regulations in coordination with the competent authorities.
On employment and renewal of work permits:
The Kingdom has taken many measures to promote the rights of labors in accordance with human rights principles. There is no discrimination in dealing with expatriates residing in the Kingdom who work for Qatari people.
Statistics of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development show that the number of enterprises owned by Qatari nationals is 50 and the number of labors is 94.
The Ministry of Labor has provided (2) transfer of services and the issuance of (1) work permit, since the beginning of the year 2019.
The General Directorate of Social Protection received a complaint from a Qatari national and services were provided to him, in accordance with the regulations and rules without any discrimination.
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