GEA plans many entertainment activities in celebration of Saudi National Day Season

Monday 1441/1/17 - 2019/09/16
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Riyadh, Sep.16, 2019, SPA -- Saudi citizens and residents will enjoy entertainment activities planned across the 13 regions of the Kingdom as part of the celebrations of the 89th National Day season, supervised by the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) from September 19 to 23.
Many events like fireworks, concerts, festivals and international performances have been designed specifically for this occasion. Activities also include Al Himma Youth celebrations and Saudi Arabia experiences.
The details of the activities were announced at a press conference by GEA Chief Executive Officer and Supervisor of the program Amr Banaja.
“The General Entertainment Authority is proud to oversee the Saudi National Day activities by launching a unified identity that brings together the society under ‘Himma Hatta El-Qimmah’ (utmost determination) motto,” said Banaja.
He said it was inspired by the words of the Crown Prince (“The strength of the Saudis is like that of the Tuwaiq mountain”).
Banaja said that the National Day Season is one of the Saudi seasons which the General Entertainment Authority is proud to oversee.
“This year fireworks celebrations will continue for several days where more than 700,000 sparkles will be fired at an altitude of up to 300 meters, accompanied by music,” he said.
“The celebrations of ‘El Himma’ will be held in all 13 regions of the Kingdom during the season, which is derived from the season’s motto ‘Himma Hatta El-Qimmah’. Visitors will enjoy a unique and diverse range of activities that reflect the unity of the nation and the cohesion of the people and leadership,” Banaja said.
“Distinctive international shows designed especially for the National Day will be held in Riyadh from Sept. 21-23” he said.
The “Tariq El-Himmah” show will take the audience through a story on a unique and beautiful journey presenting many artistic moments.
Dazzling fireworks will light up the Jeddah over Al-Hamra Corniche during “Star Island” event creating beautiful patterns accompanied by sound and light effects and laser shows.
At the five-day Dhahran Exhibition in Dammam starting on Sept. 19, the world’s largest theatrical production company “Cirque du Soleil” will present a specially designed show for the Saudi National Day.
Forty artists will present 14 shows of acrobatics, sports, music, and dance.
Eight concerts will be held in a number of regions of the Kingdom where – besides international stars - Saudi and Gulf artists will present beautiful patriotic songs.
Banaja said, “To inspire and motivate, five forums will take place in five cities with one forum in each city where a number of speakers will present inspirational events to share knowledge.”
Himma Forum will be held in Madinah and Tabuk on Sept. 19 while in Abha and Buraidah the forum will be held on Sept. 21 and in Hail on Sept. 23.
Adventure lovers and those interested in exploration will enjoy specially designed activities during the season to suit different tastes. Everyone can choose the programs they want through the platform “Enjoy.”
Banaja thanked the security authorities for their efforts to make the season a success, and all governmental, private and non-profit sectors for their efforts in contributing to the success of the season.
-- SPA
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