Minister of Energy confirms return of oil supplies following blatant sabotage act against oil facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais 3 Jeddah

Wednesday 1441/1/19 - 2019/09/18
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The Minister of Energy continued that the acts of sabotage suffered by the Kingdom and Aramco are sabotage of all the economies of the world and so every country, whether developing or developed, should feel that it has the responsibility to maintain its economic security, not the economic security of the Kingdom only and whatever the source of sabotage, all of which leads to corruption, and all leads to damage, and aims at weakening this country.
He pointed out that the source of these acts of sabotage, whoever, does not have any ethics, and has desire to make much impact in this sector. He added that the Kingdom in this regard has invited international experts and the United Nations to find out the facts and participate in investigations, and there will be investigations in this act of sabotage, international cooperation to ensure that such acts do not recur, protection of oil installations and holding those responsible to account.
He pointed out that there is work with the industry and petrochemicals, to arrange gradual return, and the most important criterion is to take into account the start with the most affected companies and give priority to them so as not to suffer more from this sabotage act.
He said, "We are delayed in the start of the press conference, about 24 hours for one reason, which is that we want the information, to be received from the Ministry of Energy, and from Aramco, and the Board of Directors of the company, so that the reliability is high, so the delay occurred, and the trade-off was to announce these things today after verification, and we wanted to be the source of information and not speculation.
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