Houthi militia media reports about "Kataf" is misleading, doesn't deserve a response from the coalition, Spokesman for the Coalition Forces reports

Monday 1441/2/1 - 2019/09/30
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Riyadh, Sep. 30, 2019, SPA -- Colonel Turki al-Maliki, the Spokesman for the Coalition Forces for the Support of Legitimacy in Yemen, confirmed that the allegations made by the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militia have nothing to do with the truth, and regretted the fact that some international channels are taking the media as a source for them.
Creating events and misleading public opinion, both inside and outside Yemen, citing the Houthi militia's claims about "kataf" and saying that they are incorrect, indicating that it is inappropriate for the coalition to respond to such claims.
Colonel al-Maliki said during the regular conference of the Joint Forces Command here today that the coalition has nothing to hide and therefore, what the Houthi media broadcasted, is just a play, pointing out that the total losses of the Houthi terrorist militias affiliated to Iran in the period between 16 September 2019 to 30 September 2019 has amounted to 421 equipment and weapons, as well as the killing of 881 of those Houthi militias.
The Spokesman for the Coalition Forces reviewed the most important events and operations during the past period, referring to the position of operations to restore hope to support the legitimacy in Yemen and the breaches of the Houthi and in addition to their threats to regional and international security, and showing some footage to target the Houthi capabilities in Yemen and support the national army.
Al-Maliki pointed out that the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militias are still taking places from Hodeida province to launch ballistic missiles during the past period and drones, in addition to the growing and accelerating threat to maritime navigation and global trade, stressing that the coalition is an important aspect in neutralizing these qualitative capabilities of Houthi militias, working 24 hours in neutralizing threats to drones and also speedboats, especially from the province of Hodeida.
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