Abduljauwad, 1st ever Saudi, Arab National, to Coach Brazilian Football Team

Saturday 1441/2/20 - 2019/10/19
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Riyadh, Oct 19, 2019, SPA -- Brazilian football team Internacional de Minas appointed the Saudi national Mohammed Abduljauwad, as the coach of the youth squad, at the club, for a renewable one year term.
Abduljauwad, the former Saudi international player, dubbed by the sports' press in the Kingdom once, as the flying left-back, as he used to combine the role of a wing with his principal role as a left back, is the first ever an Arab manager to coach a Brazilian team.
Born in 1962, in Jeddah, the left-back veteran played for a long time as a main player for Jeddah-based Al-Ahli team and was among the legendary Saudi squad that took the world cup finals by the storm, in 1994.
Among his paramount achievements, was winning back-to-back the Asian Cup, in 1984 as well as in 1988. Abduljauwad took part, in the Los Angeles Olympiads, too.
-- SPA
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