Scholars and preachers of Yemen praise the role of Kingdom and stress: Yemen in good hands

Tuesday 1441/3/1 - 2019/10/29
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Riyadh, October 29, 2019, SPA -- At the invitation of the Royal Court Advisor Sheikh Saad bin Nasser Al-Shathri, a group of Yemeni scholars and preachers, met today in the presence of the Royal Court Advisor and Member of the Senior Scholars Committee Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Mutlaq.
At the outset of the meeting, Sheikh Al-Shathri welcomed the scholars and preachers of Yemen, pointing out the importance of their role in stabilizing the nation on monotheism and Sunnah and fighting deviations in Yemeni society.
For his part, Sheikh Al-Mutlaq stressed the importance of the role of scholars and preachers in mobilizing society to face the Iranian project.
At the meeting organized by the Program of Communication with Yemeni Scholars last night, under the patronage of Sheikh Dr. Al-Shathri, praised Yemen's preachers, scholars and men who held the responsibility of confronting Iran's project of Houthi militia.
He explained that scholars have a responsibility to restore hope for victory, and uncover the suspicions and schemes woven by the enemies of the nation, and combat ideas and projects, which want to undermine the nation and its faith.
He stressed that the absolute commitment to Islam, and maintaining the unity of the nation and the entity of the state, will defeat the Iranian project, or any project that wants to undermine the homelands.
For his part, Deputy Chairman of the Yemeni Scholars Association Sheikh Ahmed bin Hassan Al-Moallem expressed his appreciation to the Government of Saudi Arabia for their support of this program and the support of Yemeni scholars, especially in the circumstances that Yemen is going through.
He also thanked the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance, Dr. Abdullatif Al-Sheikh, for his efforts in sponsoring the program.
Al-Moallem pointed to the practices of the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militia that target the depth of Yemeni society by poisoning ideas and changing the right approach of society, stressing that the role of Scholars is to fight perverted ideas.
He pointed to the attack aimed at undermining Islam and Muslims, in order to reach what is happening today of the Houthi terrorist militia crimes against Yemen and Arabism, and systematic attacks on the doctrine of the nation and security and stability.
Al-Moallem drew attention to the great role of the Coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen led by the Kingdom, and what it has done in order to address this destructive and dark project.
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