Rare and Complex Surgery Performed to Save the Life of a Pregnant Woman

Tuesday 1441/3/8 - 2019/11/05
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Riyadh, November 05, 2019, SPA-- A Medical Team from the Cardiac Center at King Abdullah Medical City (KAMC), Makkah, has successfully performed a complex mitral valve replacement surgery.
The surgery was performed for a woman in her seventh month of pregnancy in cooperation with another medical team at Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital.
The patient’s historical records showed that she had several replacements for her mitral valve, but the last mechanical valve caused several complications
The medical team decided to perform multiple surgeries, starting with a cesarean section to save the fetus, followed by an open-heart surgery to save the mother. The two surgeries were performed successfully, the mother and her baby are in a good health.
15:59 LOCAL TIME 12:59 GMT