Saudi Ambassador to UK Inaugurates Saudi Airlines Campaign to Market Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Friday 1441/3/11 - 2019/11/08
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London, Nov. 08, 2019, SPA -- Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Saudi Ambassador to the United Kingdom, launched here today the Saudi Airlines Marketing Campaign, with the participation of the most important travel and tourism agencies from various local and international markets.
The event aimed at briefing the attendees on the developments of the growing tourism sector in Saudi Arabia, the services provided and the new attractive regulations for the tourism sector and related services from various international countries.
A number of speakers made presentations and documentaries on the Kingdom's plans in Vision 2030 for the development of the tourism sector.
The event was attended by representatives from tourism agencies in Saudi Arabia, such as Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage, the Royal Commission for Al-Ola Governorate, the Red Sea Project, experts from the international tourism sector, tourism agencies in the UK, US, Germany and Italy, as well as those interested in tourism sector.
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