Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Chairs Cabinet's Session 5 Riyadh

Tuesday 1441/3/15 - 2019/11/12
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Seventh: The Cabinet renewed the membership of Khalid bin Mohammed bin Nasser Al-Oboudi and Ibrahim bin Mohammed Abdullah Albrahim as representatives of the private sector in the Board of Directors of the Saudi Grains Organization.
Eighth: The Cabinet approved the organization of the General Sports Authority.
Ninth: The Cabinet endorsed the plan of the Saudi Industrial Development Fund to submit its application to join the Investors Club as a long-term member according to the club's statute.
Tenth: The Cabinet approved promotions to the 15th and 14th ranks as follows:
1- Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Saud Al-Mas-han to the post of Security Advisor (15th rank) at the Ministry of Interior.
2- Khalid bin Mohammed bin Abdullah Abu-Milha to the post of Lawsuits Advisor (14th rank) at the Ministry of Interior.
3- Nasser bin Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Abdan to the post of Director General of Administrative Development (14th rank) at the Ministry of National Guard.
4- Fahd bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz Al-Saadoon to the post of Legal Counselor (14th rank) at the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.
The Cabinet was briefed on a number of general issues on its agenda and issued relevant instructions in this regard.
19:23 LOCAL TIME 16:23 GMT