Saudi Arabia Stresses Importance of Strengthening Relations with EU 2 Brussels

Friday 1441/3/18 - 2019/11/15
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"The Kingdom is currently developing its Vision 2030, which is a blueprint for an ambitious nation, and reflects the long-term goals that are based on the strengths and unique capabilities of the Kingdom," he added.
Ambassador Al-Arifi explained that Vision 2030 guides the Kingdom's aspirations towards a new stage of development to establish a vibrant society where all citizens can realize their dreams, hopes and aspirations, to succeed in a prosperous economy with major reforms in a number of aspects.
He pointed out that the Kingdom and the European Union have strong economic relations, as the European Union is the main trading partner of the Kingdom, noting that the total trade of goods between the EU and the Kingdom in 2018 amounted to 61.03 billion euros, and the goal right now is to double this figure.
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