Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Chairs Cabinet's Session 4 Riyadh

Tuesday 1441/3/22 - 2019/11/19
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The Cabinet authorized that the cement irrigation canals seen in roads and campuses of the Saudi Irrigation Organization (SIO) and modern irrigation routes located underground as well as earth-made drainage canals, and campuses of artesian wells and inter-farm roads adjacent to irrigation and drainage canals affiliated to the SIO which are under its supervision, shall be considered part of the State's public utilities and, thus, entertaining the public utilities system's protection.
The Cabinet approved promotions to the 15th and 14th ranks as follows:
1- Prince Mishaal bin Mishary bin Saud bin Farhan Al Saud is promoted to the post of Advisor (15th rank) at the Ministry of Interior.
2- Majid bin Abdulaziz bin Ibrahim Al-Hussein to the post of Deputy Chairman of the National Data Management Office (15th rank) at the National Data Management Office.
3- Mazen bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Battal to the post of Security Advisor (14th rank) at the Ministry of Interior.
4- Salem bin Masoud bin Hassan Al Khuraim to the post of Director General of Administrative and Financial Affairs (14th rank) at Najran Region governorate.
5- Zaid bin Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Zamami to the post of Director General of Information Technology Department (14th rank) at the General Presidency for Religious Research and Ifta.
The Cabinet was briefed on a number of general issues on its agenda, including two annual reports affiliated to the Ministry of National Guard, and Information Technology Commission for a previous fiscal year. The Cabinet issued relevant instructions.
19:46 LOCAL TIME 16:46 GMT