Projects Worth 64 Billion Riyals Turn Historic Diriyah into a Cultural and Tourist Destination 2 Diriyah

Wednesday 1441/3/23 - 2019/11/20
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The Master Plan of the Diriyah Gate Project worth SR 64 billion, the foudation stone of which was laid by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques earlier today during his patronage of the inauguration ceremony, aims to build a traditional mixed-use urban community that celebrates the rich cultural history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia covering an area of seven kilometers square meters so that the scheme provides five distinct places for gathering and exploration including:
- King Salman Square; located in the north site of the place and represents the largest gathering area in the gate of Diriyah.
- Samhan Amphitheater is located halfway along the cliff, next to Al-Tagzeah area on the west side of the Diriyah Gate.
- Monument Square of the Kingdom's heroes; located in the middle of the Diriyah Gate to link between the east and west of the Gate and adjacent to the area of new lifestyles.
- Al-Masjid square is located along the paved road and represents the access point to King Salman Mosque.
- The historic village square, located at the southern end of the historical village. Places, streets, gates, towers and squares will be given names inspired by famous historical figures, kings and heroes to celebrate their ancient heritage.
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