Projects Worth 64 Billion Riyals Turn Historic Diriyah into a Cultural and Tourist Destination 4 Diriyah

Wednesday 1441/3/23 - 2019/11/20
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The Master Plan of Diriyah Gate project includes the Arts Zone: five academies will be established within the Arts Zone to provide learning opportunities covering many local specialties such as Arabic calligraphy, Islamic arts, Najd architecture, clay buildings, Najd culinary arts, and Arab theater and music.
The Gate also includes restaurants and shopping places: the Gate is considered a destination for contemporary life and a spot for shopping and experience of various restaurants and to identify different international and local trademarks locating amid the distinctive Najdi architectal domain, where more than 100 restaurants offer the finest domestic, universe, modern and high-end cuisine, surrounded by a diverse atmosphere and urban areas near Wadi Hanifa.
At the same time, Diriyah Gate project will provide the city of Riyadh in particular and the Kingdom in general with an unprecedented unique experience within the retail field that differs of the shopping experiences currently available, as visitors and buyers can enjoy the alleys and paths of an authentic nature and the possibility of living the pleasure of the past and the evolution of the future at the same time.
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