Saudi Press

Friday 1441/4/9 - 2019/12/06
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Riyadh, Dec. 06, 2019, SPA -- Saudi newspapers highlighted in their editorials today a number of issues at local, regional and international arenas.
Al-Bilad newspaper said in its editorial that as Saudi Aramco's IPO has represented a unique step for attracting the individuals, institutions along with the interest of the global financial community. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered as the most important decision center for the global economy through its chairmanship of the G20 which includes many issues in its agenda.
The paper added that in the next Summit, KSA is looking forward to strengthening cooperation with its partners from the Member States to achieve the objectives of the G20, and to find an international consensus over the challenges and ways to stabilizing and growing the global economy in this historic phase at all levels.
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