Ministry of Foreign Affairs Welcomes US, Sudan Announcement of Exchange of Ambassadors

Saturday 1441/4/10 - 2019/12/07
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Riyadh, December 7, 2019, SPA -- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the announcement by the United States and the Republic of Sudan to exchange ambassadors between them, after more than two decades.
The ministry added that the appointment of a US ambassador to Sudan is indicative of the United States' appreciation of the important stage that Sudan is currently embarking on, which requires a concerted effort by both countries to build mutually beneficial and fruitful relations in all fields and levels.
The resumption of diplomatic relations between the US and Sudan will be vital to supporting the transitional government in Sudan that was formed on August 21, 2019. It will also contribute to building solid bridges of understanding and will be an important step forward to restore the vitality and strength of bilateral relations, including by removing Sudan from the state-sponsor of terrorism list, and lifting all economic sanctions against Sudan. This step will also facilitate the rebuilding of an institutions-driven state and assist Sudan as it recovers from the recent crisis.
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