Shehab, faster falcon in Al-Mallouah race at King Abdulaziz falconry Festival

Sunday 1441/4/11 - 2019/12/08
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Malham, north west of Riyadh, Dec. 08, 2019, SPA -- Shehab came first today as the fastest falcon to win Al-Mallouah 400-meter competition, at King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival, in its eighth day in a row, it was announced.
Today's three-round race for Garnas category for Saudi owners, witnessed the participation of more than 200 falcons.
Three falcons, two, each named Ammash and Nomas won the first, second and third place of the first round, respectively. In the second round of the same category, Dihaiman, Mizel and Marzouq won the flying respectively.
Shihab, Barood and Fareed respectively won the third round in the same category.
According to the regulations of Al-Mallouah competition, the festival organizers honor the first three winners of every round while the first ten placers will be awarded financial prizes as the occupiers of the first seven places will qualify for the finals of King Abdulaziz cup.
In a related development, the event has remarkably contributed to the invigoration of the local market of Malham, a small town north west of capital Riyadh, as small shops, restaurants, and real estate have enjoyed a vast turnout of visitors who almost leased all apartments and empty homes and gave a vivid push to the small and medium businesses of the town.
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