Four criteria adopted to define most beautiful falcons at King Abdulaziz falconry Festival, organizers announce

Sunday 1441/4/11 - 2019/12/08
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Malham, north west of Riyadh, Dec. 08, 2019, SPA -- The second edition of the Most Beautiful Falcons contest is scheduled to start next Thursday through Saturday at King Abdulaziz falconry Festival with the participation of falconers from inside and outside the Kingdom, competing to win prizes amounting to three million Saudi Riyals.
Four criteria were set to determine the winner: consistency of length and color, falcon body parts, fineness of feathers and how to stand in formation.
The competitions include five runs, where on Thursday two rounds will be held for two categories of hawks. On Friday, similar sounds will be held while the fifth and final round will be held on Saturday. In each round a prize of 600,000 Saudi Riyals will be allocated and figured out as follows: SAR 300,000, for the first place, SAR200,000 for the second and SAR100,000 for the third winner.
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