40th Session of GCC Supreme Council Issues Final Communique 7 Riyadh

Tuesday 1441/4/13 - 2019/12/10
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Combating Terrorism:
32- The Supreme Council affirms the GCC permanent stances and decisions towards terrorism and extremism, its rejection of all its forms and images as well as its motives and justifications and whatever its source. The council worked to dry up sources of terrorism financing, stressing that tolerance and coexistence among the nations and peoples are among the most important principles and values on which the GCC societies and their dealings with other peoples are established.
33- The Supreme Council hails the outcomes of the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center regarding the classification of companies, banks and individuals supporting terrorist activities of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah as terrorist entities and taking the necessary measures in this regard.
34- The Supreme Council praises the efforts of the United States and the international coalition in pursuing the leaders of the so-called ISIS organization which has worked to distort the true image of Islam and Muslims, stressing the GCC continuous efforts with their allies to combat terrorism, dry up its sources and confront terrorist thought.
35- The Supreme Council welcomes the Conference of Counter-Extremism and Terrorist speech at the headquarters of the GCC General Secretariat on October 2019. The council lauds the outcomes of the annual conference of the countries participating in the International Alliance, in Washington, November 2019, led by the United States of America, praising the efforts made by the International Alliance in defeating the so-called ISIS.
Regional and International Council:
36- The Supreme Council reviews the latest developments of the regional and international issues, stressing the GCC keenness to maintain stability and security in the region, support the prosperity of their peoples, enhance the relations of the Council with brotherly and friendly countries, work with the regional and international organizations to maintain global peace and security and to consolidate the GCC role in achieving peace, sustainable development, and aspirations of the Arab and Islamic nation.
21:30 LOCAL TIME 18:30 GMT