40th Session of GCC Supreme Council Issues Final Communique 12 Riyadh

Tuesday 1441/4/13 - 2019/12/10
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66- The Supreme Council affirmed support for the security and stability of the Arab Republic of Egypt, appreciating its efforts in strengthening Arab national security and peace in the region, combating extremism and terrorism, promoting development, prosperity, and advancement for the brotherly Egyptian people, and rejecting interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries. The Council expressed its support for the existing efforts to solve the Renaissance Dam's issue and in a way that meets the water and economic interests of the countries concerned, appreciating the international efforts made in this regard.
67- The Supreme Council affirmed its firm positions and decisions regarding the Syrian crisis, a political solution based on the principles of (Geneva 1), and Security Council Resolution no. 2254, which provides for the formation of a transitional governing body to manage the affairs of the country, draft a new constitution for Syria, and prepare for elections to chart a future of the new Syria, fulfills the aspirations of the brotherly Syrian people.
68- The Supreme Council affirmed its stances by preserving the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic, respecting its independence and sovereignty over its territory, and rejecting regional interferences in its internal affairs, and everything that affects Arab national security and threatens international peace and security.
69 - The Supreme Council welcomed the formation of the Constitutional Committee in Syria and the commencement of its work, and expressed its hope that this would be enhancing to the efforts made to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis that would fulfill the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people, reiterating its support for the United Nations envoy to Syria.
70 - The Supreme Council affirmed its support for the efforts of the United Nations to work to return Syrian refugees and displaced persons to their cities and villages under the international supervision in accordance with the international standards, and to provide them with the support in the countries of asylum, and rejected any attempts to bring about demographic changes in Syria.
71 - The Supreme Council reiterated its condemnation of the Iranian existence in the Syrian territories and Iran's interference in the Syrian affairs, demanding to expel all Iranian forces, Hezbollah militias, and all sectarian militias that Iran recruited to work in Syria.
72 - The Supreme Council welcomed the joint statement issued by the meeting of the foreign ministers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Egypt and Jordan, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly meetings, which stressed the intolerance of the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and that all parties must comply with the rules of international law and hold all perpetrators of human rights violations in Syria accountable.
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