Chinese Visitor: Arab Reliance on Falcons Is Experience and Habit of Early Chinese

Saturday 1441/4/17 - 2019/12/14
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Riyadh, Dec 14, 2019, SPA -- A Chinese delegation paid today a visit to King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival in Mulham, north of Riyadh, and enjoyed the events and competitions of Al-(Mellwah) 400-meter race.
The Chinese visitors watched the last heats of the races that took place today, the 14th of the festival.
On the occasion, they cited the similarity of the relationship between the Arab Bedouin man and his falcon, and their first grandparents, who relied on birds and animals of prey to hunt animals to collect the livelihood of their day, as well as the similarity of life between China and the Arabian Peninsula in ancient times.
Members of the Chinese delegation said "Nature is reflected on the Chinese border in a region called Tibet, so that the temperatures are very low, as is the case in contrast to the high temperatures in the desert, as it is rare to obtain food because of the dormant animals, but the falcons, hawks and other birds of prey, which are trained and prepared - as done by the first Arabs - helped a great deal in hunting birds, rabbits, and wild mountain goats, which abound in these places, as falcons hunt freshwater fish, which are formed from the streams of melted snow."
A member of the Chinese delegation seemed intent on attending the remaining days of the festival, to document this visit on his social media accounts, so that his family and friends in his country, China would see, expressing his eagerness to see the characteristics of birds, which bring beauty and strength in the form of a handsome.
Purpose of the visit of Chinese delegation to King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival was to get acquainted with falcons, and to know the originality and heritage of these birds in the Kingdom and the Gulf, as this hobby is closely related to the history and civilization of the people of the Arabian Peninsula, as their falcons accompanied them from ancient times in their hunting, and sociability for their unity in the desert.
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