"3 Falcons" Win Title of Most Beautiful Falcon at King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival

Sunday 1441/4/18 - 2019/12/15
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Riyadh, Dec 14, 2019, SPA -- Events of the competition of "The Most Beautiful Falcon" at King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival were concluded in its second edition, after the festival witnessed the 5th and final heat of the category of Hur Qirnas, in Melham, north of Riyadh.
The falconer Ghanem Medath Nafal Al-Dossary won the first place, for his (Saab) falcon, which achieved 89% in the evaluation of the jury, while the second and third places won by the falconer Ali Hadi Ali Al-Waber Al-Ajami, through his two falcons (Sultan) and (Assaf), which achieved 78 % and 71% respectively.
The Saudi Falcons Club has set seven precise criteria for selecting the winners of the competition of the Most Beautiful Falcon with grades of 100 degrees for falcon nomination.
The club allocated three million riyals as cash prizes for the five heats, as the winner of the first place in each heat wins 300,000 riyals; 200,000 riyals for the second place holder and 100,000 riyals for the holder of the 3rd place, a total of 600,0000 riyals for each heat.
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