Saudi Press Round-up: No more Regional Loyalty to Iran's Sectarian Regime

Friday 1441/5/8 - 2020/01/03
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Riyadh, Jan 3, 2020, SPA -- Saudi newspapers highlighted in their editorials today a number of issues, at local, regional and international arenas.
Riyadh-based Al-Riyadh newspaper said in an editorial titled: (A New Decade for the Region) that the Iranian project, in the region is retreating, at an amazing pace, so that the regime, in Tehran, appears shocked, at the collapse of its most important corner of ideology, namely the sectarian loyalty, throughout the region, to the Tehran-based regime.
It added that it is not an exaggeration when we are optimistic about the emergence of a new Arab decade, which would witness the beginning of the disappearance of the decades-long dark Iranian shadow, over the region.
The newspaper indicated that there is no doubt that the demise of the Iranian regional project, will extend to inside Iran itself. It is rather certain that the Iranian people, who have suffered, for four decades, from the injustice of the regime and squandering of the nation’s fortunes, due to the regime's absurd external adventures, will not keep silent, while they see the doomed to fail investments of the ruling clique, in the region, are crumbling, burned and dispersed to eventually disappear, it concluded.
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