Arab Parliament President Sends Messages to UN Secretary General and Inter-Parliamentary Union President

Wednesday 1441/5/27 - 2020/01/22
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Cairo, January 22, 2020, SPA -- The President of the Arab Parliament, Dr. Meshaal bin Fahm Al-Sulami, has sent messages to the Secretary General of the United Nations, President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, President of the European Parliament, President of the Pan-African Parliament and President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly on developments in Libya.
The messages included informing these international parties of the decision taken by the Arab Parliament in January 15 session regarding developments in Libya, which included a number of items, namely, rejecting and condemning the Turkish Parliament’s decision to send military forces to Libya, as a violation of the international law and Security Council resolutions that prohibit supplying weapons to Libya, and that this Turkish military intervention complicates the Libyan situation, fuels differences and division between Libyan parties, contributes to prolonging the conflict, undermines peace efforts, impedes political solution in Libya, destabilizes the region, and threatens the security of neighboring countries to Libya and Arab national security.
The messages also included condemning all forms of support for armed militias and providing them with weapons and equipment, and facilitating the transfer of foreign terrorists to Libya, demanding the disarmament of these armed militias, and calling on the UN Security Council to take urgent steps to prevent the transfer of foreign fighters to Libya, and setting a clear mechanism for monitoring and imposing sanctions against parties financing the conflict in Libya with weapons.
The messages reviewed the Parliament's welcoming of the ceasefire agreement between the Libyan National Army and the Government of National Accord, as an important step to make progress in the political process and spare Libyan lives, calling on all parties to abide by the agreement and find a political and final solution to the crisis in Libya.
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