Faisal bin Muaammar: KAICIID Entrenches Strategy to Activate Role of Religious Leaders to Foster Coexistence and Common Citizenship and to Counter Extremism and Hatred

Wednesday 1441/5/27 - 2020/01/22
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Riyadh, January 22, 2020, SPA -- Faisal bin Abdurrahman bin Muaammar, Secretary General of the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID), called to activate the role of individuals, religious leaders and institutions to support policymakers in promoting coexistence, respecting diversity, accepting pluralism, promoting inclusive citizenship and addressing threats to peaceful coexistence and tolerance by extremist groups among the various religious and ethnic communities in the world.
The KAICIID Secretary General hopes that religious institutions contribute to consolidate a culture of common citizenship in their local communities.
He also called for taking advantage from the silent majority of those who enjoy great capabilities in combating the discourse of extremism under the umbrella of common citizenship, stressing that dialogue entrenches common human principles and values such as: compassion, respect, tolerance, philanthropy, peace and social cohesion.
This came in Bin Muaammar's speech at the regional meeting on "Education for Citizenship and Common Human Values ... from Theory to Practice", which was organized by the UNESCO Regional Office for Education in the Arab States and the UNESCO Regional Center for Quality and Excellence in Education in collaboration with the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States during the period 22-23, January, 2020 in Riyadh.
Bin Muaammar stressed the necessity of supporting the common global culture called by the UNESCO for teaching the concept of common citizenship in the minds of young generations.
He pointed out that the Islamic religion consolidates the idea of citizenship and freedom of religions in the world where Madinah Charter included a comprehensive constitution for coexistence with the various religious components through freedom of belief and promotion of the values of coexistence, equity, security and peace.
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