More Than 100 International Officials and Experts to Meet at Global Cybersecurity Forum Next Tuesday 2 Riyadh

Sunday 1441/6/8 - 2020/02/02
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The forum will include a number of sessions discussing ways to safeguard the critical national infrastructure, including the critical infrastructures in the fields of energy, telecommunications and smart cities, in addition to reviewing the industrial cyber threat landscape in 2019, and discussing lessons learned from the cyber intrusion casebook.
A group of prominent speakers will participate in these sessions, including the chief executives of three of the world's largest oil companies which are Aramco, Schlumberger, and Aker, as well as senior cyber security officials in a number of these companies, and a group of leaders and cyber security officials in a number of international companies and organizations in the field of telecommunications such as Saudi Telecom Company, Samsung Company, PT Company, Ericsson, the World Telecommunication Organization and the International Telecommunication Union. A number of officials to safeguard critical national infrastructures in governmental agencies in a number of countries such as the United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Oman, India, South Korea, and Estonia will take part in the sessions.
The forum program includes many sessions that discuss the most prominent technical trends in cybersecurity services and products in which heads and leaders of a number of major companies in the world in the field of cybersecurity will participate. The forum will discuss the cyber security industry and ways of supporting and encouraging innovation and investment in the cybersecurity and the role of cybersecurity in enabling economic growth in general and the digital economy in particular.
The forum also includes panel discussions on developing skills and preparing human cadres in the field of cybersecurity and ways to bridge the gap in the current and future workforce, in addition to panel discussions on protecting children online. The forum's activities also include sessions about cybersecurity in the fields of healthcare and financial services in addition to the woman's participation and empowerment in the cybersecurity.
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