Yemeni government emphasizes the importance of implementation of the new agreement on PoWs repatriation

Sunday 1441/6/22 - 2020/02/16
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Aden, February 16, 2020, SPA -- Yemen's foreign minister Mohammed Al-Hadrami lauded the efforts being exerted by the UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffith as well as the International Committee of the Red Cross resulting in an agreement in the Jordanian capital of Amman earlier today to exchange prisoners of wars and detainees, victims of the current crisis in Yemen.
In comments on the detailed agreement between representatives of the Yemeni government and Iran-backed Houthi militias on the first phase of a full-fledged official operation to repatriate the PoWs and the arrestees as per Stockholm Agreement, Al-Hadrami said the step is purely humanitarian and should be executed without delay.
On the other hand, a government official source said the agreement covers as many as 1420 prisoners of war and detainees.
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