UAE, US begin joint military exercise 'Native Fury 20'

Tuesday 1441/7/15 - 2020/03/10
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ABU DHABI, March 10, 2020, SPA -- The UAE-US joint military exercise, "Native Fury 20" kicked off in Abu Dhabi, with the participation of the UAE forces and their US counterparts.
The joint exercise comes within the framework of exchanging military experiences and developing joint action between the two friendly countries in the military field, so as to enhance strategic relations between the UAE and the US.
The joint exercise - which was launched as part of the plans and programmes of the armed forces joint training with the US forces - aims to exchange and enhance military cooperation in the field of joint operations to face the challenges and crises in the region and achieve security and stability.
The exercise embodies the strategic partnership between the two friendly countries that enhances the professionalism of the forces and strengthens regional security through full preparedness and readiness to deal with any threats that may take place in the region.
10:51 LOCAL TIME 07:51 GMT