KSA Calls on Iran to Stop Violating Human Rights, in Neighboring Countries

Tuesday 1441/7/15 - 2020/03/10
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Geneva, March 10, 2020, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) reaffirmed that Iran's preoccupation with supporting terrorist groups, in Yemen and Lebanon, has resulted in depriving the Iranian citizens of their right to development as well as the rights of citizens of those countries to enjoy security and stability.
Mohammed Al-Khashaan, a member of the Kingdom’s delegation to the United Nations, in Geneva, demanded Iran, in a speech during the discussion of the situation of human rights in Iran, before the Human Rights Council, to honor its obligations to international treaties and covenants to which it is a party, and to take measures to focus on development of the Iranians, seek to provide a decent way of life for its citizens and completely stop interfering in what would cause human rights violations, in neighboring countries.
The Kingdom expressed concern about violations of the economic, social and cultural rights of minorities, in Iran, while the Kurdish, Arab Al-Ahwaz and Turkic communities are subjected to discrimination in a number of aspects, which has a great impact on their enjoyment of their basic rights, the simplest of which is the right to education, equitable distribution of the national wealth and environmental protection.
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