Official Source at Ministry of Interior: Kingdom's Government Decides to Suspend International Flights For Two Weeks Starting Tomorrow, Sunday

Saturday 1441/7/19 - 2020/03/14
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Riyadh, March 14, 2020, SPA -- An official source in the Ministry of Interior stated that, according to the preventive and precautionary measures recommended by the competent health authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as part of its unremitting efforts to control the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Emanating from the keenness on protecting the health of citizens and residents and ensuring their safety, and based on the World Health Organization's announcement of the outbreak of COVID-19 as a global pandemic due its spreading to 117 countries so far.
The Kingdom’s government has decided to suspend international flights, except in exceptional cases for a period of two weeks, as of tomorrow, Sunday at 11 A.M, 15th of March, 2020, considering this as an exceptional official holiday for citizens and expatriates who were unable to return due to the suspension of flights or they were in quarantine after their return back to the Kingdom, whether they were in places set by the Ministry of Health or instructed by the Ministry as well to conduct self-isolation at their homes.
The source stated that the necessary arrangements will be made regarding health procedures for examination and isolation in accordance with the preventive measures adopted for all arrivals.
The source pointed out that the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) and other relevant agencies will make arrangements for the arrival of citizens who wish to return, as the relevant procedures will be announced within a week of its date.
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