Al-Nasser: Saudi Arabia Ranks 10th Globally on Internet Speed, All Telecommunications Companies Work Together for the Country

Wednesday 1441/8/1 - 2020/03/25
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Riyadh, March 25, 2020, SPA -- CEO of STC Group Eng. Nasser bin Sulaiman Al-Nasser affirmed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s global pioneering in the field of communication infrastructure in general, and digital communications in particular, revealing that the Kingdom raised its global rank in the speed of the internet within three years from the 105th to the tenth globally at the end of 2019, according to the assessments of the specialized international references in this classification, pointing out that the internet speed at STC has doubled 7 times within 3 years.
In a statement, Al-Nasser praised what the Kingdom has done over the years, with the support of the wise leadership, with regard to a very advanced infrastructure of optical fibers in the services of the fourth and fifth generations.
He pointed out that all telecommunications companies work together to provide the digital services at the highest speed for the health sector, distance learning, remote work, and home entertainment.
"STC announced that its network is currently witnessing a growth in traffic for education and health platforms that have been made available for free. The demand growth rate for distance education has reached 1000%, 200% for health platforms, 300% for electronic gaming platforms and 132% for TV content. Furthermore, the growth rate for remote work for various sectors has reached more than 1128%," he added.
He pointed out that STC will bear the cost of the temporary service suspension fees for SME services on behalf of small and medium-sized enterprises that wish to temporarily suspend their services until the end of April 2020.
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