Madinah Principality Applies Precautionary Health Measures in a Number of Districts in Madinah

Saturday 1441/8/4 - 2020/03/28
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Madinah, March 27, 2020, SPA -- In line with the precautionary and preventive measures to safeguard the health and safety of citizens and residents and based on the health recommendations submitted by the concerned authorities to enhance these preventive measures, Madinah Principality announced that additional precautionary measures will be implemented through extending the curfew period in the following districts: (Al-Shuraybaat, Bani Zufr, Qurbaan, Al-Jum'a, certain parts of Iskaan and Bani Khudr). These measures aim to prevent anyone from entering or leaving from these districts throughout the day (24) hours.
This measure will come into force starting from (6:00 am) on Sunday 28, March 2020, until it is ascertained that there are no cases requiring attention or the health-recommended isolation period is ended in order to safeguard the safety of the people.
In a statement, the principality disclosed that the population of the aforementioned districts are allowed to benefit from the urgent needs (health care and groceries) within the limits of the exclusion area from (06:00 am to 15:00 pm), urging the districts' population to implment a self-quarantine in homes and to contact Health Center (937) if any symptoms emerge.
The Principality discloss that the ban on movement inside the aforementioned districts doesn't apply on the entities exempted in the curfew order.
Madinah Principality affirms that these precautionary and preventives aim to preserve the public health, urging everyone to abide by the instructions.
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