UAE reports 102 new COVID19 cases, three recoverees, one dead

Sunday 1441/8/5 - 2020/03/29
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Abu Dhabi, March 29, 2020, SPA -- The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHaP) today announced the detection of 102 new COVID-19 cases, bringing to 570 the total number of infections in the country.
The new cases were identified when examining individuals who were in contact with previously confirmed cases and did not adhere to social distancing rules. Others were individuals who came from abroad.
The new cases belong to the following nationalities: one each from New Zealand, Slovakia, Morocco, Greece, China, France, Germany, Algeria, Iraq, Colombia, Venezuela, and Poland; two each from Brazil, Sweden, Ethiopia, Canada, Lebanon, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Portugal; three each from Italy and Ireland; six from Egypt; seven each from the UAE and the Philippines; 16 from Britain, and 30 from India. They are all in stable condition and receiving the necessary treatment.
The Ministry also said that an Arab woman, age 47, died from a coronavirus infection. She had prior chronic illnesses that complicated her ability to fight the disease.
MoHaP also announced three people, one Filipino and two Indian nationals, fully recovered from a COVID-19 infection after receiving the necessary treatment, taking the total number of recoverees to 58.
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