Britain strongly condemns Houthi militia attack with two ballistic missiles on Riyadh and Jizan

Monday 1441/8/6 - 2020/03/30
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London, March 29, 2020, SPA -- The United Kingdom strongly condemned the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia's launching of two ballistic missiles at residential neighborhoods in Riyadh and Jizan.
Middle East Affairs Secretary James Cleverley said, "I condemn in the strongest condemnation the attempts of the missile attack by the Houthis against Riyadh and Jizan yesterday. These reckless attacks threaten densely populated urban areas and their infrastructure."
He added in a statement broadcast by the British government: "I was appalled that the Houthis had increased their rocket attacks on Saudi Arabia after the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, called on the parties to work towards a political solution to end this appalling conflict, while the Houthis' response was positive to this call, their actions are contrary to that. "
Cleverley called on the Houthi militia to stop these provocative actions and to engage urgently and constructively in the United Nations-led peace process.
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