COVID-19 Follow-up Committee Holds Meeting 2

Tuesday 1441/8/7 - 2020/03/31
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For his part, Dr. Al-Abdulaali said the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide is 801,000 cases, of which 166,276 cases have been cured to date. The COVID-19 death toll has jumped to 37,840.
So far, said Dr. Al-Abdulaali, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reported 110 new cases, of which two cases got infected while traveling and they are quarantined since their arrival to the Kingdom. The remaining 108 cases got infected as a result of contact with previously confirmed cases.
The accumulative number of COVID-19 infections in the Kingdom is 1563 cases. They are receiving necessary medical care and are in stable condition, with the exception of 31 critical cases. Two expatriates in Madinah infected with COVID-19 died, bringing COVID-19 death toll to 10. However, 50 cured cases were recorded, bringing the number of cured cases to 165.
He also urged everyone who has coronavirus symptoms or has an inquiry to call 937 Center, 24/7.
19:23 LOCAL TIME 16:23 GMT