Ministry of Health Broadcasts More than 2 Billion Awareness Messages about Coronavirus

Thursday 1441/8/9 - 2020/04/02
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Riyadh, April 02, 2020, SPA -- The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), has broadcast more than 2 billion awareness messages about the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), addressed to various segments of society including citizens and residents in 24 languages.
These messages included tips and instructions for dealing with coronavirus and preventing its spread, fighting rumors about the virus, the importance of washing hands with soap and water, staying at home, avoiding crowds, and setting a distance of a meter and a half between you and those around you, in addition to Mawid (Appointment) application to detect symptoms of coronavirus.
This step is a continuation of the awareness campaign on the coronavirus, which was launched by Ministry of Health in conjunction with the outbreak of the virus, as the campaign aims to educate all members of society about COVID-19 and guide them with sound awareness behavior that contributes to prevent it and limit its spread.
The campaign includes the use of several methods, including road signs and electronic screens in airport lounges, and the intensification of awareness-raising through radio and television channels and advertisements on social media platforms.
The Ministry of Health stressed the importance of taking information from reliable sources, such as the website of the Ministry of Health and its platforms in social media.
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