Official Source at the Ministry of Interior: Total Curfew Imposed on 6 Quarters, in Madinah, beginning from Friday

Friday 1441/8/17 - 2020/04/10
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Riyadh, Apr 10, 2020, SPA -- An official source, at the Ministry of Interior announced here today that proceeding form the role assigned to pertinent authorities to follow up developments related to Coronavirus, including taking further precautionary and protective measures to preserve the health and safety of citizens and residents, as well, and based on health related recommendations forwarded by the pertaining authorities to consolidate such protective procedures and measures, the following decisions have been taken:
First: To impose total curfew in 6 of Madinah's quarters, and a partial curfew, in the 7th, from now Friday April 10, till further notice.
Second: The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development shall undertake providing the needy, in these quarters, with food baskets, other supply items and to follow up their needs, on regular basis.
Third: The Ministry of Health shall provide medicines and necessary medical services to them.
Fourth: Delivery to house services are allowed during the curfew time, provided necessary sanitary conditions are met, under the supervision of the Principality of the Region.
Fifth: The Ministry of Interior reasserts to all dwellers of these mentioned quarters, that these measures are among precautionary and necessary measurements to maintain public hygiene and hence exhort all to be committed to them and abide by isolation procedures, in order to realize the public interest.
-- SPA
16:23 LOCAL TIME 13:23 GMT