Interior Minister Approves Regulation to Limit Gatherings and Classifies Violations and Penalties 2 Riyadh

Thursday 1441/9/14 - 2020/05/07
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The Minister of the Interior also approved the classification of violations and penalties against gatherings, according to the First article of the provisions and penalties for violators of precautionary and preventive measures being taken to confront the Coronavirus pandemic issued by the Royal Order referred to above mentioned according to the following:
1- The penalty for family gatherings inside homes, rest houses, or farms for more than one family without having a residential relationship is SR 10,000.
2- The penalty for non-family gatherings inside homes, rest houses, farms, camps, chalets, or open areas for the residents of one neighborhood or others is SR 15,000.
3- The penalty for gatherings in weddings, funerals, parties, seminars, salons, etc., is SR 30,000.
4- The penalty for any gathering of workers within houses or buildings under construction, or rest houses or farms etc., other than their home, is SR 50,000.
5- The penalty for any gathering of shoppers or workers inside or outside stores exceeding the numbers stipulated in the precautionary and preventive measures is SR 5.000 for each person exceeding the stipulated numbers, by no more than SR 100,000.
6- Repeating any of the violations referred to in paragraphs 1-5 for the first time, doubling the penalty imposed the first time with the closure of the private sector facilities for a period of 3 months.
7- Repeating any of the violations referred to in paragraphs 1-5 for the second time:
(A) Doubling the penalty imposed for the second time on private sector establishments with the closure for a period of 6 months.
(B) Referring the violators to the Public Prosecution.
The source also indicated that attending, calling for, or causing any gatherings specified in paragraphs 1-5 shall be subject to a penalty of SR 5,000 and repeating them for the first time will result in doubling the amount to SR 10,000, and in if it is repeated for the second time, the violator will be referred to the Public Prosecution.
The source also indicated that the regulation aims to impose social distancing and organize and reduce human gatherings that are a direct cause of the outbreak of COVID-19 to ensure that the virus is contained and controlled, stressing the importance of adherence of all individuals and entities from the public and private sectors to the approved instructions related to the requirements of Health safety, rules for social distancing and prevention of gatherings in all their forms, shapes and locations.
17:30 LOCAL TIME 14:30 GMT